Tarcento, C.Aperto 19 - Udine - Italy (headquarter)
Monday-Friday 9-12am / 4-6pm



Cannaregio 883 - Venice - Italy (personal and group exhibitions)
Cannaregio 1145 - Venice - Italy (personal exhibitions only)
Moho Gallery relies on the collaboration of Imagoars for its exhibitions in Venice


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Our mission is the promotion of contemporary visual arts, with particular attention to the research of emerging artists on the international scene. Dedicated entirely to current artistic scene with a strong interest for emerging artists of any nationality, but with the distinctive feature of the extreme modernity of their research. It is therefore important for the Moho Gallery a direct and continuous contact with the daily creative realities, implementing more talent scout campaigns targeted to the artists that reflect the changing society.


Moho Gallery organizes and manages a series of group and personal exhibitions scheduled throughout the year. In addition to the ordinary activity, our gallery offers additional services as: estimate and evaluation of artworks, dedicated artistic advice, analysis and reports of artists production.


Massimo Toffolo is the director of the Moho Gallery. He's a curator and art-advisor based in Udine, Italy. Has worked for numerous artistic events, collaborating with many galleries  and organizations of contemporary art. Margherita Jedrzejewska is an art historian and curator based between Poland and Italy. She’s the editor of various websites focused on contemporary art and the main curator of the Moho Gallery.                      


It's a stimulating and exciting trip for those who love contemporary art without compromises. A clear window on the current art world, gathering who is living and creating art every day. A "documentary" what can be only true and reliable, away from ideas of convenience or favoritism, just because it poses to the level of current production and the ideologies of today. As always has been and as it will be in the future, the art looks like a thermometer of the society, as a reliable camera to look at the world today and its evolution.

 Moho Gallery is an ambitious project regarding transperancy,
comparison and research of new artistic talents.
Nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult to
comply with the requirements of art market, in particular –
facing the challenge of competing with the constantly increasing
number of newly arising artists in the contemporary art field.
The decision of its foundation
was taken under the great influence of new
ways of making and thinking art that recently have
discovered many surprising and unusual forms of art.
This general confusion and rapid change of offers is without
any doubt challenging and extremely exciting.
The main goal of Moho Gallery is to understand and to improve
new talents that in this "beautiful chaos" are able to interpret better
the upcoming art.




Venice - Italy (exhibition venue)

Udine - Italy (headquarter)

Vat. IT03064150307
vox. +39 043 2184 1347

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